Get More Instagram Followers

Get More Instagram Followers

Posting photos on your Instagram page can be pretty depressing. You can easily get discouraged when all your hard works on Instagram are met by nothing more than few likes. The popularity of an Instagram page entirely depends upon the number of followers.

It is always exciting to imagine how many followers you can get with your 1 post. But it is hard to get your first 10,000 followers if you are running a page on Instagram. Why? The reason is pretty simple. No one knows who you are. You have to prove yourself as a favorite brand and influencer. 

Here, I am going to share some basic tricks with all of those, who are worried because of the small number of followers. This article will help you by giving different ideas for increasing your followers. When more followers get to interact with your posts, it’s obvious you will become more popular.

Let’s have a brief look at those tricks that increase your followers on Instagram. Free Instagram Followers

  • Create a Strategy:

Creating a clear Instagram strategy is necessary. The popularity of your page on Instagram mainly depends upon your business goals, brand aesthetics, and specific audience. A unique Instagram story helps you in increasing your followers.

  • Engagement groups:

It is always enticing to join important engagement groups on Instagram. By commenting in these groups, you’ll get more targeted Instagram followers. You can find different engagement groups related to travel, food, clothes, beauty, fashion and much more.

  • Promote your page:

You can also make an immense increase in your followers by sharing your Instagram presence on other social networking sites.

  • Commenting:

By commenting on other relevant posts, people get to know about you. If they like your theme, they may follow you.

  • Use of hashtags:

Hashtags are known as the better way to increase your followers. Always use that hashtags which are popular in different categories. These hashtags will make your images to get found in search easily.

  • Best timing:

Post your photos on Instagram from 12 p.m. to 1 am. As research shows that most people go online at these timings.

  • Follow others:

Search for those people who are using popular hashtags like #photooftheday, #love, #foodies, etc. Follow these people, and obviously, many of them will follow you back.

  • Quality content:

Always try to post the best quality content on your Instagram page. Remember that key “Quality beats quantity.” Try to post relevant photos according to the theme of your page. Nobody wants to follow someone with thousands of senseless images of random shots.   

  • Ask questions:

The great way of increasing the list of your followers is asking questions. Different exciting questions in the caption of photos also result to increase engagements.

  • Consistency:

You can also make a massive increase in your followers by posting consistently. People are always interested to know, who you are and why are you posting. Post consistently on Instagram. It’s better to post once in a day for brands.

  • Create events:

By creating different events, you can also grab the attention of people. Try live video option for events, Q&A or arrange in-store promos to get more followers.

In the last, remember it’s useless to have a large number of followers if you don’t have much time to get engage and interact with them.