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Free Instagram Followers App provide active followers and likes for you to boost your Instagram Profile. These followers and likes are completely organic.

  • Fully Automatic
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free instagram followers app

The Free Instagram Followers App ensures that your pictures and videos, that you upload on Instagram, get the likes and followers that they deserve. We work hard to make sure that all your content reaches your desired audiences, by boosting it through unlimited likes and followers. Our services are completely organic, which means that the accounts that like your posts, and the accounts that follow you, are absolutely real. So no more worrying about bot accounts that may spam you or steal your data! At Free Instagram Followers, we keep your account secure and prevent your Instagram aesthetic from being buried under bot activity. When you sign up with us, you can be sure that what you’re getting is a completely authentic experience of getting absolutely unlimited likes and follows on your posts and account. None of the accounts that follow you will spam you, and you can moderate their activity on your posts by engaging with our site and keeping everything in check. This ensures that you maintain full control of your account, which is our top priority.

At Free Instagram Followers App, we aim to deliver nothing less than perfection. We understand the importance of an Instagram account, and we believe that your grid represents a lot about you. This is why we want to ensure that it gets the clout it deserves. And by taking advantage of our state-of-the-art services, you can do just that.

instagram likes

Instagram Likes

Our services in the area of providing Instagram Likes to users are top tier. If you sign up with us, you will get a guaranteed number of likes, based on whatever number is favourable to you. And there are multiple packages for you to choose from. These services are absolutely ideal for anyone looking to increase his or her standing on social media. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a social and cultural influencer, your number of likes will determine the amount of influence you will have on the social media site. With our service, you can boost the number of likes on your desired pictures instantly and without any hassle whatsoever. Our goal is to make this task easy for you, which is why we offer the best services available in the most convenient manner, no strings attached. And with additional likes, you can ensure that your post appears more often on Instagram’s Explore page, leading automatically to more organic followers as well.

instagram followers

Instagram Followers

At Free Instagram Followers, we provide active followers for you to increase your follower count on Instagram. These followers are completely organic, and they are active followers so you don’t have to worry about having bot accounts in your followers list. We want to ensure that your Instagram experience is entirely authentic, which is why we make sure that you are not spammed by anyone during your activity. You can see your followers go up instantly, as soon as you sign up with us and make use of our services. And once again, you can choose the number of followers that you would like to gain. This keeps you, the consumer, in full control of your Instagram account, as well as the users who can engage with it. It keeps the risk of spamming at bay, and ensures that your account stays secure.

How to Use the Free Instagram Followers App

To Sign in:

  • 1 Sign into our app using your Google account or your email address.
  • 2 You will start at 0 coins. Click on “Earn Coins”.
  • 3 Login using your Instagram account.
  • 4 Follow the accounts that come up on screen.
  • 5 Redeem your daily bonus by clicking on “Claim Bonus”. Your coins should increase.

To Get Likes:

  • 1 Go to Instagram and post a photo.
  • 2 Once your photo is up, click on the three little dots at the top right corner of the photo.
  • 3 Click on “Copy Link”.
  • 4 Go to Use the Free Instagram Followers App, and click on “Get Likes”.
  • 5 Paste the link in the box and click “Submit”.
  • 6 Choose your desired like limit.
  • 7 Choose the amount of coins you want to spend.
  • 8 Click on “Place Order”.
  • 9 You can view the details of your order by clicking on “Orders List”.
  • 10 Go back to Instagram and see your number of likes go up.

To Get Followers:

  • 1 Click on “Get Followers” on the app.
  • 2 Enter your Instagram username and click “Submit”.
  • 3 Choose your followers limit.
  • 4 Choose the number of coins you want to spend.
  • 5 Click on “Place Order”.
  • 6 View your order details in the “Orders List”.
  • 7 Go to Instagram and watch your followers go up.

Frequently Ask Questions

No, our app absolutely does not post anything on your Instagram account on your behalf. We don’t ask for permission to access your account either so your likes and followers increase completely organically.

The only limit to the number of likes and followers is the limit that you set yourself. We give you an option to choose how many engagements you want with your account and based on that, we deliver.

No, when you sign into your Instagram account through us, we do not see your username or password. The login is required only so that the two apps can be linked for easy access to likes, comments and followers.

If you wish to remove the followers you get through our app from your account, you can simply do it like you would with any other type of follower i.e. you go to your list and remove them through Instagram’s option.

Yes you can unlink your Instagram with our app at any point in time that you see fit. Also, your likes and follower count (that you go through the app) will not be affected in the process.

Simply put, it gives you more reach on Instagram. Frequently liked pictures appear more often on the explore page and are more likely to gain traction. Not only does the app then help you get more followers, it also makes it possible for your pictures to gain more attention from people who are running similar pages as yours.

No, if you lose your instagram account for whatever reason or are unable to access it, the app cannot help you get it back simply because that is not what the app is built for.

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