Importance of Instagram Followers

Importance of Instagram Followers

Whether Instagram or any other social site your followers play an important role. Your brand gets more identity as the number of your followers' increases. The better response from your audience depends upon the things you choose to post on your page.

Here in this article, I have shared some cool things about postings that can help you in attaining more followers.

Cools things to post on Instagram for more followers:

  • Hosting contests:

Hosting a contest on Instagram is often the most active means to boost your engagement with the audience. It is probably a fast way to get new followers on any social media site. Since the decade Instagram has grown more in popularity, it becomes one of the best platforms to run any contest.

  • Sharing your routine:

What is your routine? What do you probably do when you get up in the morning? Is your morning routine is the same on weekends? Do you like to do jogging or simple a long morning walk? What do you love to drink in the morning, Tea or Coffee?

 Entrepreneurs from their experiences have discovered that sharing personal information and stories can help you to get engage with your audience. When you share a peek of your daily life with your audience, you let them feel that they are an important part of your inner circle. 

  • Ask opinions:

Everyone loves to share their views. You can also increase your followers by creating the post and ask their opinions.

What type of posts your audience expects from you? What topics they love the most? Which kind of blog posts they want to see in future?

Make sure to use different popular hashtags in simple questions. It is also beneficial when your follower's tag their friends on any conversation.  

  • Create polls:

Take the opinions of your audience a step ahead and host a poll on your Instagram page. Give your followers two or three options and ask them to share their reviews. This is also an effective way which can help you in getting more followers.

  • Adding Humor:

If you can make jokes effectively and can captive your audience then uses that ability of yours for the benefit. We see that humor works well on Instagram if it’s discernable in graphic format. A funny video or photograph can get shared thousands of time.

Just remember a point that comedy should always be in an applicable way. Inappropriate humor only results in drawing distance with your audience and delivers a negative image of the brand.

  • Ask for help:

Ask your users for help!!! Your followers can help you in making your brand’s page most explorer page on Instagram. Don’t be afraid to ask their advice in the photo caption section of your uploaded photo. Ask help, and often you shall receive some genuine ones.

  • Instagram bio:

Don’t disregard your bio!!! This section is important to those who are new to your page and come across to your brand for the first time.

Make sure, you have used this space effectively to feature call actions, popular/branded hashtags, and other web links. This section often plays the hand in the user’s decision to follow your page or not.

Dear fellas, I have almost shared the coolest ways to create a post which may help you in getting more followers on your brand page on Instagram. Now it's up to you to think and create eye-catching posts.