Why Instagram Likes Matters?

Why Instagram Likes Matters?

It’s a good question!! On other social media platforms, you just have to click an icon to like whatever you see or hear.
Likes matter a lot because it is the first contact between a new follower and your business. On Instagram, the like icon takes the shape of the heart. If you are running a page of your brand on Instagram than more likes means more cred for your trademark.

Tips to Get More Likes on Instagram:

Quality Content:

It’s not a trick or tip but rather a rule. Content rules all the high in getting more likes that’s why it is called king. Of course, what type of content makes more likes is an abstract question? The answer to this question is based on some guidelines which you have to follow for more likes.

  • Find a perfect and relevant content for your page. Don’t be the card for all trades; this must confuse your followers.
  • Don’t stick with ideas; it will bore your followers. Try to use unique and trendy ideas in your content. On Instagram people always want something new and different. So use your creativity and post quality content.

High-Quality Photos & Videos

Yes, great photos and videos require thought and planning. If you want your followers to actually tap on heart, follow the tips;

  • Colors: Mainly the blue pictures get more hearts than red ones. Use single serve multi-colors which increase the likelihood by 17%.
  • Filters: Try to choose those filters which attract more audience. Choose them thoughtfully. Filters that increase the exposure, contrast and a warm tone of your photos and videos get the best results.

Keep things varied and unique in photos and videos too. Instagram provides you everything. Here are three crucial tools of Instagram;

Focus: Keep the main focus on the face while keeping the background blur.

Superzoom: Use the option of superzoom in a while making a dramatic video

Boomerang: Use this authentic tool to create loops, frontwards and backward in videos.



Use them wisely!!!

You can make your users aggravate with the wrong use of Hashtags.

We try our best to post high-quality content but do not get the best results. Right? Place popular hashtags in your content. Hashtags help not only your followers but also the non-followers to find you easily.

Finding you on Instagram is the first step to liking you

  • Relevant hashtags: Always use appropriate hashtags. Otherwise, users will choose the “don’t show this hashtag” option
  • Place them at right positions: Use 2 or 3 crucial hashtags in the caption of your photo and place them at precise positions.
  • Variety: Use a variety of hashtags in your every post.

Tag Users

Why you tag someone? Tagging is another important way to get more likes and followers on Instagram. You tag your followers to get engage with your post and share it with their followers. You can also tag your followers by giving them credit, if they capture the photo or shoot the video.

Write captions:

Write damn good captions in your posts. Also use some TLC’s in your posts.

There is no limit on the use of characters, you will make it long or short. It’s all depending on choice.

  • Ask interesting questions
  • Spice it up with the hint of humor
  • Show some love and praise your followers

Here are 5 top most tips that will surely increase your likes on Instagram. Otherwise, you simply use some auto liker to get more likes.